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Quality Electric Bikes For New Zealand Conditions

The Hikobike City has been designed with the shorter rider in mind. Fully adjustable Stem and Bull Handle Bars makes easy adjustable fitting to most rider sizes.



Hikobike Pulse - Ebike

The Hikobike Pulse is a city commuter ebike, ideal for going to the shops, but also suited for riding on dirt and gravel bike trails.



The Hikobike Enduro is also a fast commuter ebike for weekdays, but with a large frame is also designed for a larger rider. Ideal for long rail trail rides.



Hikobike Rangler - EBike

The Hikobike Rangler is a fast commuter ebike for weekdays, but also designed for extended bike trail in the weekends. Ideal for long rail trail rides.



Enjoy The Ride
Comfortable, functional electric bicycles


Hikobike was established in 2013, after 10 years of designing and importing ebikes.


The Hikobike philosophy incorporates designing and manufacturing comfortable, functional electric bikes for trouble free riding adventures for decades.


We select the best possible components that will give the best performance over the life of the ebike.


Comfortable, functional & beautiful electric bikes made from the best quality components.


Maori for: (noun) electricity, power